We must insist.

At least once a week since the election someone in the shop is working on a poster or card in protest of the rain of Trumpery.  A couple of recent ones composed and printed on the venerable  Ostrander hand press.  Extra Heavy.

IMG_0064         IMG_0058



When A Book Becomes An Artist Book

A short recap from a recent lecture at NBLA by Brooke Holve:

brooke holve book art

When a book becomes an artist book, a transformation occurs in the process of making
from its conventional form to another — a process than can be mysterious.
What is the convention? The book?

brooke holve book art

Artists have challenged common assumptions about the nature of the book and
its conventional form through the making of artist books.
Some approaches to making artist books are:

brooke holve book art

brooke holve book art

Please join us for more upcoming NBLA events at the print shop in Sebastopol…


letterpress printing on paper placemat

still hungry?

letterpress printing on paper placemat

Opening Reception: NBLA at Kitty Hawk Gallery

north bay letterpress arts at kitty hawk gallery

kitty hawk gallery presents:
The North Bay Letterpress Arts Art Show

A group show of 11 printing artists associated with North Bay Letterpress Arts at kitty hawk gallery in Sebastopol.

Comprised mostly of prints in frames, this show is a fine way to see the breadth of work being done on old letterpresses in the revived medium of hand-set metal & wooden type. Striking graphic pieces, poem broadsides, handmade books, posters, wordplay & alphabetic dreams…

The Opening Reception June 10th will feature an improvisational game of bandied words. Everyone gets apprized!

The show runs from June 4th to July 26th,
with an opening reception Friday June 10th, from 5:00-8:00.
kitty hawk gallery is at 125 N. Main Street, the old downtown of Sebastopol.

all ways know- chapbook [judi]

below are excerpts from judi goldberg‘s blog on the creation of the ALL WAYS KNOW- chapbook, a collaboration between three members of the NBLA Co-Op. see megan’s perspective here and katie’s perspective here.

between the letters

i m p r o v is atio al se r end ip ity

There’s no denying, it
the words into a poem come together
differently when you have the time ✼ between the letters ✼ it takes to typeset

e a c h
w o r d

Never pulled a good (enough) print so here it is, composed (and edited) at the case, in the raw

judi goldberg letterpress printing

It will become part of a book of poems (in collaboration with Megan Arnold and Katie Nealon) composed at the case

if you want to work on your own book art or printing project, don’t hesitate to contact the NBLA.


Poems composed at the type case
at Iota Press in Sebastopol, California
during National Poetry Month 2015

Megan A. Arnold
judi goldberg
katie nealon

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This blog will be written by several people active in letterpress work, such as:

judi goldberg
Eric Johnson……founded Iota Press and now works there as a Bemusement Park Ranger