North Bay Letterpress Arts Videos

Earlier this year we hosted the San Francisco video company Mission Pictures (disclaimer: my son Arne is one of the partners) for a day of filming as several of us worked and talked in the printshop.

The result of their wonderful editing is three short films which enter the workshop at differing angles. One is a compilation of work practices & explanations giving a general view of the NBLA and its primary aims.

Then there is a shorter video of judi goldberg typesetting a poem while explaining her fascination with the process.

And finally a film of me working with my grandson Harldur while musing about letterpress and its virtues.

Of course, this is just one afternoon, and there is much that goes on here that is not depicted…but, it’s a glimpse. And hopefully will be followed with other videos of the work and culture of the NBLA.

2 Responses to North Bay Letterpress Arts Videos
  1. Jane Brenner Reply

    Wonderful viewing! As a calligrapher and book designer I’m greatly interested in what you’re doing; hope to make it over to Sebastopol soon to visit.

  2. Eric Johnson Reply

    Thanks Jane…I hope you do come by soon.

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